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11.3 - 13.1 Hands

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Hi I'm Candy. Croft End has been my home for many years now, in fact I’ve been here since the early days. I know my job and I’m really good at it! I am a very steady ride but I’m not lazy, they say my trot has hardly a bounce to it and my canter is bumpy free!

Fun Facts

My best friend is Shannon we go in the field together, swap gossip and just chill out.

Sometime ago I had a bit of a scare – I was taken off the yard to a strange place they call the VETS and I had a lump cut out from between my back legs, when I came home I was much more comfortable.

I have to say riding down the bridle paths is my favourite form of exercise – no show jumping for me thank you, that’s far too athletic.

In August at our Croft End Summer Show there will be great demand for me as I scrub up really well, with my snow white coat and large brown patches. I always give them a run for their money in the Handy Pony, balloons and washing lines full of clothes don’t faze me at all!

I’ve heard a rumour that a holiday has been booked for me this year, a week at a local farm with fabulous grazing, safe fencing and wonderful views. I’m looking forward to some quiet time away from all the hustle and bustle of the yard and of course my faithful friend Shannon will be travelling with me. Happy Holidays – I can’t wait!



Height: 12.2 hh

Colour: Grey

Sex: Gelding

Likes: Teaching children to canter.

Dislikes: Going too slow!

Height: 13 hh

Colour: Skewbald

Sex: Mare

Likes: Riding down the bridle paths..

Dislikes: Being caught in the field - (likes to stay out!)

Little Dolly


Height: 13 hh

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

Likes: Playing with her field friends

Dislikes: Empty hay nets

Height: 12.2 hh

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

Likes: Sarah and jumping

Dislikes: Spooky places


Height: 13hh

Colour: Piebald

Sex: Mare

Likes: Hacking, people and rolling in the mud.